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Avisos NOAA retransmitidos automaticamente para el 20/09/17 a las 3:45 PM
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Discusión del estado del tiempo del Atlántico Tropical (actualizado a los 15 minutos de cada hora)
TTWDAT TTropical Weather DiscussionNNWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL2205 PM EDT Wed Sep 20 2017TTropical Weather Discussion for North America, Central AmericaGGulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, northern sections of SouthAAmerica, and Atlantic Ocean to the African coast from theEEquator to 32N. The following information is based on satelliteiimagery, weather observations, radar and meteorological analysis.BBased on 1200 UTC surface analysis and satellite imagery through 11715 UTC.....SPECIAL FEATURES...AAt 20/1800 UTC, major Hurricane Maria is located near 18.4N 66.9Woor about 13 nm W of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The present movement ofMMaria is northwest at 10 kt. The estimated minimum central ppressure is 961 mb. Maximum sustained winds are 100 kt with guststto 120 kt, Category 3. Numerous strong convection is within 120 nnm of the center. Scattered moderate to isolated strong convectioniis elsewhere within 210 nm of the center. Maria is moving across PPuerto Rico today, and will pass just north of the northeast coastoof the Dominican Republic tonight and Thursday. Please see the llatest NHC Forecast/Advisory under AWIPS/WMO headers <MIATCMAT5/WTNT35 KNHC for more details.AAt 20/1800 UTC, Tropical Storm Jose is located about 121 nm SSE oof Nantucket Massachusetts near 39.2N 69.3W, moving northeast at 7kkt. The estimated minimum central pressure is 976 mb. Maximum ssustained winds are 60 kt with gusts to 75 kt. Scattered moderate cconvection lays on the NW quadrant of the storm from 38N-42N bbetween 70W-73W. Jose is a large system. Tropical-storm-force wwinds extend outward up to 178 nm from the center. Please see the llatest NHC Forecast/Advisory under AWIPS/WMO headers <MIATCMAT2/WTNT22 KNHC for more details.....GALE WARNING...AA 1007 mb low in the central Atlc, the remnants of former ttropical cyclone Lee, is located near 18N46W. Scattered moderate cconvection is over the NE quadrant from 17N-25N between 42W-45W GGale-force winds ore over the NE quadrant of the low...within 270nnm of the center. An increase in the organization of the deep cconvection would result in the regeneration of Lee as it moves nnorthward over the central Atlantic Ocean. There is a medium cchance for tropical cyclone re-development within the next 48 hhours.....TROPICAL WAVES...AA tropical wave is in the E Atlantic with axis extending from 221N34W to 06N33W, moving west at 20 kt. The wave is in a region of mmoderate low to middle level moisture N of 13N, and abundantmmoisture S of 13N, as shown by SSMI TPW imagery. A well definedssurface reflection is also noted. Widely scattered moderatecconvection is from 05N-13N between 28W-40W. AA tropical wave is in the W Caribbean with axis extending from 220N85W to 07N88W, moving west at 20 kt. SSMI TPW imagery iindicates the presence of some dry air intrusion in the wave eenvironment. That along with strong subsidence aloft, and strong vvertical wind shear, produces a lack of convection over the NW CCaribbean.....ITCZ/MONSOON TROUGH...TThe monsoon trough extends from the African coast near 12N16W to 112N28W to 08N40W to 10N45W to 09N49W. The ITCZ extends from 009N49W to 08N59W. Aside from the convection associated with the ttropical wave, isolated moderate convection is from 05N-10N bbetween 30W-38W.....DISCUSSION...GGULF OF MEXICO...AA 1016 mb high is centered over the NE Gulf of Mexico near 28N87W.110-15 kt anticyclonic surface winds are over the Gulf. Lightningddetection imagery indicates thunderstorms over the NW Gulf, SETTexas, and SW Louisiana. The northern extent of a tropical wave isoover the the Bay of Campeche, S of 20N95W. Scattered showers arewwithin 90 nm of this wave. the remainder of the Gulf of Mexico hasmmostly fair weather. In the upper levels, an upper level high isccentered over the W Gulf near 22N95W. Expect little change overtthe next 24 hours. CCARIBBEAN SEA...TThe eye of category 4 Hurricane Maria has recently moved off the NNW coast of Puerto Rico. Maria is forecast to pass just north of tthe northeast coast of the Dominican Republic tonight and TThursday. See the special features section for further details. TThe eastern extent of the Pacific monsoon trough is over CostaRRica and Panama. Clusters of scattered moderate convection areoover the SW Caribbean S of 12N. Scatterometer data shows mainly llight to gentle trade winds west of 75W. Of note in the upperllevels, a sharp upper level trough is over the NW Caribbean withaaxis from central Cuba near 22N89W to central Honduras near114N87W. Some scattered showers are Just E of the trough axis duetto upper level diffluence. ....HISPANIOLA...AA hurricane warning is in effect for the NE Dominican Republic. Attropical storm warning is in effect for the N coast of Haiti. A ddangerous storm surge accompanied by large and destructive waves wwill raise water levels by as much as 4-6 feet above normal tide llevels in the hurricane warning area in the Dominican Republic, aand 1-3 ft elsewhere along the northern coasts of the Dominican RRepublic and Haiti. Please see the latest NHC Forecast/Advisory. SScattered moderate to isolated strong convection is over E HHispaniola E of 70W, spreading W, due to Maria. Expect the entire iisland to be under feeder bands over the the next 24 hours. AATLANTIC OCEAN...PPlease refer to Special Features section for more information on HHurricanes Maria and Tropical Storm Jose. There is a gale warningaassociated with the remnants of former tropical cyclone Lee alongwwith scattered moderate convection. See above. A surface trough oover the central Atlantic extends from 31N44W to 25N45W. Scatteredmmoderate convection is observed within 120 nm east of the trough nnorth of 25N. The remainder of the basin remains under the iinfluence of a broad surface ridge centered north of the area.FFor additional information please visit hhttp://www.hurricanes.gov/marine
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