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Discusión del estado del tiempo del Atlántico Tropical (actualizado a los 15 minutos de cada hora)
TTWDAT TTropical Weather DiscussionNNWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL7716 AM EDT Thu Apr 27 2017TTropical Weather Discussion for North America, Central AmericaGGulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, northern sections of SouthAAmerica, and Atlantic Ocean to the African coast from theEEquator to 32N. The following information is based on satelliteiimagery, weather observations, radar and meteorological analysis.BBased on 0600 UTC surface analysis and satellite imagery through 11045 UTC.....SPECIAL FEATURES...PPlease refer to the METEO-FRANCE High Seas Forecast, that is llisted on the website: WWW.METEOFRANCE.COM/PREVISIONS-METEO-MMARINE/BULLETIN/GRANDLARGE/METAREA2. Gale-force winds are fforecast for the area that is called: IRVING. The OUTLOOK,ffor the 24 hours that follow the forecast that is valid until228/1200 UTC, consists of: the persistence of N or NE near galeoor gale in IRVING and METEOR.....ITCZ/MONSOON TROUGH...TThe Monsoon Trough passes through the coastal sections of Guineannear 10N14W, to 03N18W. The ITCZ continues from 03N18W, to 01N25W,003N30W, 02N37W, 03N45W, and 03N51W. Convective precipitation:wwidely scattered moderate to isolated strong from 01N to 03Nbbetween 22W and 25W, and from 03N to 05N between 25W and 49W.IIsolated moderate elsewhere from 06N southward.....DISCUSSION.......FROM THE WESTERN ATLANTIC OCEAN, ACROSS THE BAHAMAS AND FFLORIDA, INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO...INCLUDING THE REST OF THE GULF OOF MEXICO...MMiddle level-to-upper level cyclonic wind flow covers the AtlanticOOcean and the Gulf of Mexico from 23N northward between 70W in tthe Atlantic Ocean and 83W in the Gulf of Mexico. This cyclonic wwind flow spans the easternmost Gulf of Mexico, Florida, the BBahamas, and the Atlantic Ocean. Convective precipitation:wwidely scattered moderate to isolated strong in the Bahamas from222N to 26N between 73W and 76W.AAn upper level trough is moving through the central sections oftthe U.S.A. A cold front passes through SE Louisiana, into the NWccorner of the Gulf of Mexico, into the Deep South of Texas, and NEMMexico near the border with Texas. Convective precipitation:sscattered to numerous strong is moving through Alabama.BBroad middle level-to-upper level westerly wind flow spans therrest of the Gulf of Mexico.AA surface ridge extends from the NW Bahamas, across Florida, intotthe west central Gulf of Mexico, and to the SW corner of the Gulfoof Mexico.....VISIBILITY AND WEATHER FOR THE OFFSHORE OIL PLATFORM SITES TTHAT ARE IN THE AREA WHOSE BOUNDARIES ARE FROM 27N NORTHWARD AND FFROM 88W WESTWARD...HHaze and 5 miles, in parts of the Texas coastal waters. Areas of mmist and haze, and from 1 to 3 miles, in the coastal waters of SSE Louisiana.VVISIBILITY AND WEATHER...FOR THE COASTAL PLAINS OF THE U.S.A. FFROM THE DEEP SOUTH OF TEXAS TO FLORIDA...AALABAMA: light rain in the southernmost parts. FLORIDA: rain haseended for the moment in parts of the Panhandle. Mist, and 3 to 5 mmiles with occasional less than 1 mile from Brooksville to theTTampa Executive Airport. Fog and 1 mile or less in Punta Gorda.MMist and 3 to 5 miles in the Ft. Myers metropolitan area. Fog and11 mile or less in Naples.....THE CARIBBEAN SEA...UUpper level anticyclonic wind flow covers the area that is from117N southward from 84W eastward. Upper level NW wind flow ismmoving from Cuba to Hispaniola toward the SE corner of theCCaribbean Sea. Some of the NW wind flow is associated with theccyclonic wind flow that is moving around the Atlantic Ocean/ eeastern Gulf of Mexico cyclonic wind flow, and associated with theAAtlantic Ocean 32N62W-to-12N59W trough. Upper level W wind flow ccovers the NW corner of the Caribbean Sea. Convective pprecipitation: isolated moderate from 17N to 20N between the Mona PPassage and 80W, and from 12N to 17N between 56W in the Atlantic OOcean and 66W in the Caribbean Sea.....HISPANIOLA...MMiddle level-to-upper level NW wind flow is moving across the iisland. Convective precipitation: earlier precipitation from sixhhours ago has weakened and dissipated for the most part. Lingeringrrainshowers are possible, elsewhere, inland and in the ssurrounding coastal waters.SSURFACE OBSERVATIONS...for Port-au-Prince in Haiti: MVFR. for theDDOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Barahona: VFR. few cumulonimbus clouds. SantoDDomingo: VFR. La Romana and Punta Cana: VFR. Santiago: MVFR. cceiling 1600 feet. Puerto Plata: VFR. TThe GFS MODEL forecast for 250 mb shows that NW wind flow willmmove across the area during the next 48 hours. The GFS MODEL fforecast for 500 mb shows that a mixture of W and SW wind flow wwill move across Hispaniola during day one, of the 48-hourfforecast. Day two will consist of NW-to-W wind flow, on the SWsside of a trough. The GFS MODEL forecast for 700 mb shows that aanticyclonic wind flow will move across the area during the first 118 hours or so of the 48-hour forecast period. Expect broadccyclonic wind flow for the rest of the time, with one definiteiinverted trough, and possibly a second inverted trough, duringtthe rest of the time.....THE REST OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN...AA middle level-to-upper level trough passes through 32N62W, to 224N59W, to 12N59W. No significant deep convective precipitationiis apparent.AA middle level-to-upper level trough passes through 34N24W, to 226N30W and 16N37W. Surface cyclonic wind flow covers the AtlanticOOcean from 25N northward between Africa and 30W. Convective pprecipitation: isolated moderate from 25N northward between Africaaand 32W. Rainshowers are possible elsewhere, in scattered to bbroken low level clouds, to the north of 15N60W 15N40W 27N14W.SSurface anticyclonic wind flow covers the Atlantic Ocean from 10Ntto 25N between Africa and 30W, and in the Caribbean Sea and in theAAtlantic Ocean from 10N northward between 30W and 80W.FFor additional information please visit hhttp://www.hurricanes.gov/marine
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