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Avisos NOAA retransmitidos automaticamente para el 24/11/17 a las 7:30 PM
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Discusión del estado del tiempo del Atlántico Tropical (actualizado a los 15 minutos de cada hora)
TTWDAT TTropical Weather DiscussionNNWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL11227 PM EST Fri Nov 24 2017TTropical Weather Discussion for North America, Central AmericaGGulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, northern sections of SouthAAmerica, and Atlantic Ocean to the African coast from theEEquator to 32N. The following information is based on satelliteiimagery, weather observations, radar and meteorological analysis.BBased on 1200 UTC surface analysis and satellite imagery through 11715 UTC.....ITCZ/MONSOON TROUGH...TThe monsoon trough extends from the African coast near 09N13W to 005N22W. The Intertropical Convergence Zone extends from 05N22W to004N37W. Scattered moderate convection is from 03N-10N between 110W-30W.....DISCUSSION...GGULF OF MEXICO...AA mid to upper-level trough is noted on water vapor imageryeextending across the whole basin with axis extending from over tthe Florida Big Bend area to a base over the southwest Gulf near 221N98W. This troughing supports a 1009 mb low centered in the vvicinity of Cape Canaveral Florida near 29N80W and its associatedccold front that extends southwest over the Florida Peninsula andssoutheast Gulf from 26N82W to 21N87W. Gentle to moderate northerly wwinds prevail across much of the basin. The low will continue mmoving northeast across the west Atlantic through Friday as the ffront continues across the remainder of the Florida peninsula and ssoutheast Gulf waters clearing east of the basin by Saturday.CCARIBBEAN SEA...AA surface trough extends from 19N80W to 11N80W with scattered sshowers and thunderstorms occurring between 75W-82W. This aactivity extends farther south across Costa Rica and Panama as themmonsoon trough axis extends along 10N-11N. Most of this convectioniis supported aloft by an overall divergent southwesterly flow aaloft between a mid to upper-level trough over the Gulf of Mexico aand a mid to upper-level ridge anchored over the northeast CCaribbean. Scatterometer data depicts mainly gentle to moderate ttrades east of 78W. Little change is expected through Sunday nnight.....HISPANIOLA...IIsolated showers are possible across western portions of the iisland as more active convection lies across eastern Cuba and thewwaters surrounding Jamaica in association with a favorable ddivergent environment within a southwesterly flow aloft.AATLANTIC OCEAN...AA stationary front enters the western Atlantic region near 31N77Wtto a 1009 mb surface low near 29N80W. A cold front extendsssouthwest from the low across central Florida and the southwestGGulf of Mexico waters. The mid to upper level trough supporting tthe low remains over much of the Gulf of Mexico, while a favorableddivergent environment remains over much of the west Atlanticggenerating scattered showers and thunderstorms generally W of 668W. Fresh to strong northerly winds are noted to the north-nnorthwest of the low/front. The low is expected to move northeasttthrough Saturday night with persistent convection expected along aand east of the cold front extending southward from the low. To tthe east, a 1000 mb surface low is centered near 30N30W, extendingiits cold front from 31N23W to 24N39W. A pre- frontal trough is llocated from 30N22W to 20N33W. Scattered moderate convection pprevails mainly with the trough between 17W- 33W. Strong to near ggale winds prevail over the southwestern quadrant of the low aaffecting the waters north of 30N. This conditions will diminish aas the low weakens and moves east. A weak 1014 mb surface low is ccentered near 18N48W with no significant convection. This low willddissipate within the next 18-24 hours. FFor additional information please visit hhttp://www.hurricanes.gov/marine
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